Outdoor Wear

Our outdoor wear brands have been hand selected for those that like to adventure in style. Tough, durable, rugged, stylish. Choose the clothes that can handle whatever nature will throw at you.

Adventureline crafts durable jackets and vests at excellent prices for both men and women. Visit Workin' Clobber to choose Adventureline apparel that is suitable for your next adventure.

Huski label is synonymous with quality and dependability, made for Australian conditions. Visit Workin' Clobber to see the Huski range of rugged, breathable, waterproof jackets that are easy to wear and look the part.

James Harvest blends function with fashion. Soft shell jackets, stylish cotton work shirts for the office and outdoors, and 100% cotton polos for men and women are just the beginning of this revolution. Visit Workin' Clobber and choose your James Harvest active wear.

Inspired by nature and the world around us, we believe that every day can be an adventure and everyone should follow their own path. At Vigilante we not only focus on the fit, styling and detailing of every garment but also the technology and materials needed to deliver high performance which is fundamental to our range. Workin Clobber has a variety of styles available for men and women.


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